Thursday, July 31, 2008

What makes a good power point slide??

  • use a simple word so that people will understand what you want to deliver
  • choose a right colour of your slide
  • don't show too many information on one graph or chart
  • do not use too many figure in one slide
  • better use a mind chart than a long paragraph
  • better not adding external multimedia to avoid technical error
  • beside power point you also can give handouts to listeners
  • do not use to many bullets
  • use a right visual
  • try to combine a information and data
  • use a suitable words size

What makes a good presenter??

  • make an eye contact
  • use right body language
  • use right voice tone
  • have a face impression
  • don't turn back while giving a speech
  • try to move your hand because it can reduce your tension
  • give a good intro so that people understand what you are talking about
  • besides, you also can give a good example or story so that your speaking will be more interesting
  • don't speak to fast or other people will not understand what you are saying
  • try to relax before give a speak by taking breath
  • have a enough sleep a day before the speech

Thursday, July 24, 2008

lOcaL mUsiC

Nowdays, teenage usually like to listen to music. I too like to listen music. But i'm here would not say about a music actually. I would like to talk about underground scene in Malaysia. I think i'm not a right people to talk about it, but i must talk it because i dont know any topic to write in this blog. Underground scene right now sudenly become top or famous. People in Malaysia right now do not listen to the music that is impoted from Indonesia. Now Malaysia have their own identical in music, although is not 100% original. People like to listen to a music like Hujan, Butterfingers, Bittersweat and other local music. Although, our local music have develop but there are a few some people who are jelous with their success.
I think thats all, and i hope this scene will always success for Malaysia scene music.
Support our local music.
Thank You.

mY sElf

My name is muhammad afiq naquiddin bin abd rahman. I live in Rawang Selangor. I was born in Muar Johor, but I never stay at Johor. I live in Shah Alam about 11 years. Then after that i was stay in Rawang until now. I have 6 siblings and i'm the eldest. My father name is Abd Rahman Bin Nawawi, and my mom's name is Noresah Bt Ahmad.
My first school was S.R.H.I.C.O.M IN Shah Alam. Then after I moved in Rawang, I was school at S.M.K.Bandar.Sg.Buaya. After I finish my shcool I continue my studie at K.M.Negeri Sembilan. Then after that here where am I. I now in U.M.P.
I think that's one is enough here. Thank You.